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— February 6, 2020

Animal World News

By Lisa James

Can My Pet Eat That?

The longing look at your plate, the whine: If you have a dog or cat, chances are your friend has begged for some of what you’re having. But despite that “feed me” face (yeah, it’s adorable), giving pets people food isn’t always a good idea. These lists are not comprehensive and even allowable foods should be given in small quantities. And always check with the vet first, especially if your pal has a pre-existing condition. 


Detangling Your Pet’s DNA

Genetic test kits—swab cheek, mail away, learn where your ancestors came from—have become popular. And now this technology is available for pets.

Among the canine products, Embark, while pricier than its competitors, is one of the more comprehensive options. Besides looking at what breeds are in your dog’s background, Embark tests for more than 170 health conditions.

For cats, Basepaws not only provides breed and health information but also stores your cat’s entire genome, including genes not yet known to serve a function. As the company says on its site, “Every kitty we sequence brings us one step closer to identifying the purpose of these mystery genes and why they matter.”



Homestyle Dog Food, By Mail

These food boxes supply canine cuisine tailored to your companion.

Blue Apron, HelloFresh and other companies built on the same principle—open box, remove ingredients, cook meal according to the enclosed recipe—have proved so popular that they’ve generated a market worth more than $1.5 billion. That has led some pet food companies to put their own spin on this concept: gourmet meals for dogs delivered to your doorstep (in this case, no cooking required). Here are four options:


Portioned according to your dog’s weight goals, then vacuum-packed as one-meal servings; in addition to four basic meals (beef, turkey, chicken, pork) the company has treats and supplements; also offers meals for cats.


Takes not only weight but also age, breed and medical conditions into account when formulating meals; food arrives in resealable containers; offers beef, chicken, turkey and lamb recipes with “minimal” processing.

Pet Plate

Says their recipes (chicken, beef, turkey, lamb) support not only healthy weight maintenance but also improved digestion and greater energy; offers a money-back guarantee if your dog doesn’t lick the bowl clean.

The Farmer’s Dog

Offers grain-free meals (beef, pork, turkey) customized for your dog’s size and activity level; meals delivered within days of cooking (not deep frozen).


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