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Developing Better Balance



— January 15, 2019

Developing Better Balance

  • Find your balance by trying this position to develop better core

Pose: Warrior III

(Virabhadrasana III)

Why You Should Do It: If the mountains are your winter playground, then finding your inner Warrior will help you stay upright on the slopes. But it comes in handy closer to home, too; think about all those wintry days and icy sidewalks.

Besides bolstering balance, this powerful pose also aids in:

» Strengthening the legs, glutes, and core, crucial for helping you hold a tuck or hit a jump.

» Toning the entire body.

» Improving your memory and ability to concentrate.

How to Do It: Start in Mountain Pose. Step one foot ahead about a foot’s length, and spread the toes of that foot wide to build a strong foundation. Then:

» Inhale your arms over your head, interlacing your fingers with the index fingers pointing up.

» While exhaling, lift the back leg by hinging at the hips. Be sure to keep the back foot pointed downward and the hips level, and to keep a straight line from the raised heel forward through the crown of the head.

» Looking at a specific point on the floor for balance, extend your arms forward past your head, fingers spread.

» Support your lower back by pulling in your navel.

» To come out of the pose, inhale to release the back foot down to the floor and the arms overhead before stepping the feet back together.

Note: Try using a chair, with the back facing towards you, if you struggle with balance; you can also place your palms on a wall.

Variation: Become a Warrior on a plane by extending your arms back, palms facing down.

Be Careful If: You have blood pressure issues or are dealing with chronic hip or leg problems.

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