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Got Filter Fatigue?



— September 15, 2018

Got Filter Fatigue?

  • Ditch the apps and achieve a photo-ready face more naturally.
  • By: Brittany L. Anas

When it comes to selfies, sure, you want to put your best face forward. To help to do just that, a bevy of editing apps—like Facetune and Perfect365, and the editing capacity of Snapchat—provide easy Photoshop tricks to help you smooth your skin, brighten your eyes, whiten your teeth and more.

But if you’re starting to get filter fatigue and want to know how to achieve those looks more naturally, we’ve called in the experts for self(ie)-help, and they’ve dished their best skincare and makeup tricks to have you looking photo-ready in no time. After you master these techniques, snap a photo and confidently slap that #NoFilter hashtag on your Instagram pics.

Say Cheese to Whiter Teeth

Photo apps let you widen your smile and brighten your teeth with the touch of a button. But want to flash extra-pearly whites every time you smile, and do so in real life? Aside from brushing with baking soda and getting your teeth whitened, there’s a certain type of lipstick you can wear for a better smile. “Wearing lip colors with blue in them is proven to make teeth look whiter,” explains beauty consultant Cynthia Rowland, the founder and CEO of Rejenuve, Inc. That doesn’t mean you need to buy turquoise lipstick. Just look for shades that have a bluish or purple undertone, like cherry reds or bright magentas. The subtle blue hues can downplay any yellow stains on teeth.

Exfoliate for Smoother Skin…

Let’s be honest, the smoothing filters on some apps can go a little too far and have you looking way too glossy and doll-like. But if you want naturally smooth-looking skin, your best bet is to incorporate regular exfoliation into your routine, explains Heather Wilson, a licensed esthetician and director of brand development for InstaNatural. “As we age, cell renewal naturally decreases, which causes our skin to appear rough, dry, dull and uneven,” Wilson explains. “Exfoliating is the best way to counteract this.” Using exfoliating acids, like the ones found in a glycolic peel, can help boost collagen, increasing your skin’s smoothness, she says.

…Or Use a Facial Roller

Your face deserves a massage, too! Christina Hardial, the lead service provider for the Bamford Haybarn Spa in Brooklyn, recommends using a jade facial roller to achieve smoother-looking skin. By gently moving the jade roller over the facial muscles, muscular tension is naturally eased, fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed out, lymph fluid and toxins are flushed away and blood flow is increased, Hardial explains. Combined, you’ve got a winning combination for smooth, healthy-looking skin.

Brighten Your Look with Coffee Grounds

When applied externally, coffee can wake up your complexion—just as it wakes up the rest of you when you drink it. Whitney Mullins, a massage therapist and esthetician at Well & Being at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess in Arizona, recommends using a coffee scrub to get your skin glowing. That’s because coffee can help reduce inflammation and gently exfoliate while soothing puffiness and giving your skin a healthy dose of antioxidants. Give the Illusion of Bigger Eyes Black and bold might make eyes pop, but the popular makeup technique actually makes your eyes look smaller, explains Charlotte Isaacs, head of makeup at The London School of Make-Up in the UK. “Invest in a white eyeliner pencil and draw onto your eyes before applying a darker shade,” Isaacs says. “The contrast in color enhances the eyes, acting almost like a primer.” Also, Isaacs suggests using a light-colored pencil eyeliner on your waterline (the place where the lids meet when you close your eyes). If you want to appear to have larger-looking peepers, choose a lighter shade of brown and only apply it to the corners of your eyes. Rowland adds that well groomed and shaped eyebrows can also make your eyes appear bigger.

Chisel Your Cheekbones

Cheek lifts and face slimmers are popular features on photo editing apps,
but there are a few ways to achieve this look without giving yourself virtual plastic surgery. To get higher cheekbones, start by finding the right contouring shade for your complexion, suggests Ana Marie Rizzieri, celebrity makeup artist and educator at Rizzieri Salons & Spa in Philadelphia’s New Jersey suburbs. “Start with the contour near the ear and bring it straight across over the brow bone,” she explains. “Use highlighter above the cheekbone and softly apply blush to the top of cheek.”
As for a slimmer face? That mostly comes down to diet, Rizzieri notes. Be sure to stay hydrated by drinking lots of water, and steer clear of salty and highly processed foods that are notorious for causing puffiness, she says.

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