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Luna, Oliver Top the List of Cat Names



— December 13, 2019

Luna, Oliver Top the List of Cat Names

  • Caffeinated names like Coffee and Mocha are also on the rise.

Need a name for your pretty kitty? How about Luna or Oliver?

According to, the world’s largest network of pet sitters, those names topped the list for female and male felines, respectively.

The other top-five names for the ladies? Bella, Lily, Lucy and Kitty.

And the gents? Leo, Milo, Charlie and Max.

The world of superheroes was a popular place to find cat names: Harley, Loki, Thor, Flash, May, Drax, Ronan and Valkyrie all made the list.

Ditto celebrities (including those ever-popular royals), who contributed Stormi, Saint, Keanu, Kim, Ariana, JLo, Princess Diana, Queen Elizabeth, Archie, Meghan and Charlotte.

And there must be something about cats’ quick, graceful movements (when they’re not snoozing, of course) that has led to the popularity of names such as Mocha, Kona, Latte, Coffee, Cappuccino, Espresso and Macchiato.

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