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Super Stars of CES



— February 15, 2017

Super Stars of CES

  • Last month's CES, the enormous consumer electronics trade show that blankets Las Vegas, yielded a number of new products that help keep us more connected, be more efficient and add to our sense of adventure and fun. Here is a sampling of some of the superstar consumer tech products on the show floor.

» Activ5 for portable isometric exercise

The Activ5 gives you the benefits of a full gym but in a portable workout device that fits in your pocket. The Activ5 and its mobile app coach you through low-impact, isometric-based workouts in as little as five minutes each day. The durable device measures up to 250 pounds of pressure, meaning you can tone and strengthen many muscles in an array of exercises. Through the app, workouts— the device enables more than 50 isometric exercises—are personalized to your fitness level. Exercise summary screens track your progress. The Bluetooth-enabled device has a six-month battery life. Visit

» Olloclip lenses for mobile photography

A new series of lenses from Olloclip lets you turn your smartphone into a professional camera with small, discrete, attachable and versatile lenses that give you the flexibility to shoot photos while on the move. New for the iPhone 7/7 plus is Olloclip’s the Active Lens Set, which empowers your adventurous side with multi-element Telephoto and Ultra-Wide lenses, while the Core Lens Set includes Fisheye, Super-Wide and Macro 15x lenses. The new Macro Pro Lens Set, with 7x, 14x or 21x magnifications transforms iPhone into a digital microscope or loupe. Meanwhile, Olloclips new Pivot grip lets you capture stunning video at any angle with an articulating hub. It provides 225° of rotation to ensure proper positioning when shooting everything from an aggressive session at the skate park to playful days at the beach. It’s water-resistant, too, so you can take it for a dive when using a waterproof camera. Visit

» LINX Cycling Helmet With bone conduction speakers

Listening to music through earbuds while you’re cycling is risky business. The LINX Smart Cycling Helmet from Coros uses bone conduction technology in lieu of earbuds to let riders safely listen to their music, receive calls, communicate with other bikers and more with full awareness of cars and their immediate surroundings. The bone conduction technology keeps your ears unplugged because points of contact are just in front of your ears. LINX comes with a wireless remote so riders can keep their eyes on the road and hands on the bars while controlling their media and calls with the tap of a button. A mobile app is available for ride tracking. Visit

Smartwatches get a traditional look

Don’t want your fitness tracker looking like a fitness tracker? Want to ditch the clunky, sci-fi aesthetic that makes your smartwatch look like a car dashboard? Appearing in greater numbers at CES were smartwatches that combine fitness tracking with the look of a classic timepiece, giving users health-tracking information without compromising on style. Here are a few that caught our eye.

1 » The Withings Steel HR is a connected health watch with fully-featured activity tracking, heart rate monitoring and smartphone notifications. Steel HR from Withings, part of Nokia, features new tracking capabilities with automatic activity recognition for up to 10 new activities: tennis, ping pong, squash, badminton, weight lifting, basketball, soccer, volleyball, dance and boxing. Further, more than 30 activities can be logged manually. When Steel HR detects a new activity, it asks the user what it was. The tracker will then learn the user’s previously unrecognized activities and will be able to automatically detect supported activities. Steel HR boasts a 25-day battery life and heart rate monitoring. Visit

2 » You don’t have to abandon your favorite conventional watch to get smartwatch functionality. CT Band, created by the French startup Rift, is a thin, high-tech smartwatch strap designed to attach to any watch face, offering the same benefits as a smartwatch. Electronic components are concealed within the strap and give any watch the intelligence to interact with its environment. The first CT Band product line, called SimpliCT, has seven color options for leather straps and eleven for silicone ones. CT Band provides measurements and analysis of breath, over-activity, temperature, and emotions, as well as heart rate, blood oxygen rate and number of steps. It also records sports activities as well as weather features. Visit

3 » The Q Modern Pursuit and Q Grant are extensions to Fossil’s line of hybrid smartwatches that blend analog design with smart connectivity. Q Modern Pursuit, for women, features bold colors and graphics iconography that allow quick glances for easy reminders of texts, emails, and social media alerts. Design details like analog sport hands with slim tips and silicone straps are ideal for an active lifestyle. The Q Grant, for men, features watch hands with a highlighted red pointer for easy readability. All Fossil hybrid smartwatches include features such as activity tracking, date, alarm, and notifications for calls, texts, emails and calendar events. Visit

» Airthings Wave detects radon levels

The Airthings Wave smart radon detector gives consumers potentially life-saving details on indoor air quality, accessible via their smartphone or tablet. Airthings Wave gives homeowners instant visibility into their indoor levels of radon, a dangerous gas that is the leading cause of lung cancer among non-smokers. The most common type of radon test used today is based on charcoal canisters, which only provide a short-term measurement (days) and requires being sent to a lab for analysis, the company says. Airthings Wave begins shipping next month. Visit

» EZVIZ Action Cam is loaded with tech

The Five Plus from EZVIZ is the company’s top-of-the-line action camera featuring 4K video at 30FPS, an Ambarella A9SE chipset that consumes less power, and a Sony Exmor R image sensor for 12MP burst photos at 30IPS in low-light conditions. A built-in 2-inch IPS touchscreen simplifies operations on the fly and lets you playback video with sound instantly. Dual microphones reduce wind and background noise to enhance audio. The G-sensor makes it easy to record road trips and bike rides, automatically recording when you start moving and pausing when you stop. The Five Plus comes with a waterproof touchscreen accessory for using the 2-inch display underwater and a waterproof case for recording at depths of 131 feet. Visit

» BACtrack Skyn wearable alcohol monitor

Add a great measure of safety to your partying by wearing BACtrack Skyn, either integrated into an Apple Watch band or as a standalone wearable, to continuously track your alcohol level in near real-time. Through an app that syncs with your mobile device, you get actionable data such as a notification when your alcohol level is increasing to remind you to slow down or stop drinking. With the BACtrack Skyn, there’s no need for a breathalyzer because the device passively tracks your alcohol level by measuring the small amounts of alcohol, or ethanol molecules, excreted through the skin. Visit

» Bionic Bird, the silent drone

Want a more peaceful outing than flying a propeller drone, with all its annoying noises, provides? Bionic Bird mimics both the soaring of an eagle and the rapid flapping flight of a swallow, prompting real birds to do double-takes. Bionic Bird is packed with micro-technologies weighing less than 10 grams. Outside, Bionic Bird can fly with a range of up to 100 meters with speeds up to 20km/h. It can also fly indoors if the tail is set to slow mode. Fly beyond the clouds, glide with other birds or drive your cat crazy. Pilot Bionic Bird with the intuitive and sensitive Flying App using your smartphone or tablet. Visit

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