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Winter Gift Guide



— February 6, 2020

Winter Gift Guide

  • Here's the latest gear, whether you like to play in the cold or stay cozy inside.

Warmth for the Winter Camper

Backpacking through snow-covered woods and up freezing mountainsides is only enjoyable if you can stay comfortably dry at night. The Taurus VRB Sleeping Bag features a vapor-radiation liner, a water-repellent outer shell, 900 fill power HyperDRY certified goose down and a full-length, no-draft zipper for maximum comfort. Differential construction with an 80% overfill means that the down won’t become overly compressed once you get in, and the side block baffle maintains an ideal 60:40 top to bottom insulation distribution. As a result, the Taurus VRB gives you greater warmth for less weight—and what backwoods explorer doesn’t want that?


Freedom for the Freestyle Skier

Do you favor pure, virgin powder instead of overcrowded runs? The Kendo 88 features Völkl’s 3D Radius Sidecut design, which allows you to switch from short turns to long turns at will (and at any speed). Throw in the Kendo 88’s multi-layer wood core, full sidewall construction and Titanal Frame—which offers damping and stability over the full length of the ski—and you can go freestyling with smoothness and versatility to spare.


Relief for the Sore Back Sufferer

If shoveling snow has left you feeling stiff and achy, this cordless, rechargeable back massager will help you work out the kinks. Its eight rotating heads can change direction, providing a hard or soft massage, while the optional heating system offers additional muscle-relaxing power. And the machine-washable cover fits well with any décor, so you don’t have to hide it away when not in use.


Security for the Emergency Planner

Keeping a bug-out bag is one thing but what about those important papers you shouldn’t leave behind? Each Secure My Legacy bag protects about 300 documents—such as passports, birth certificates and contracts—and valuables from fire, smoke and water damage with silicon-coated fiberglass and a double seal. And the variety of clearly marked bags (legal, medical, etc.) allows you to keep everything organized even in crisis situations.


Jump Ropes for the Workout Warrior

An old-school training method goes high tech. Crossrope’s patented fast-clip connection allows you to quickly and easily change between different weights of ropes available in two sets: The Get Lean Set (shown), designed to build cardio capacity; and the Get Strong Set, with heavier ropes and power handles, designed to build strength. Pick up workout tips from the Crossrope app, available for iOS and Android devices.


Stimulation for the Games Enthusiast

Sometimes there is no better way to spend a cold, rainy evening than by powering down the devices and turning to an absorbing analog pastime. The 1,000-piece Bountiful Garden jigsaw puzzle features a bright, colorful design with no top or bottom, making it fun for the whole family to work from any side.


Sustainability for the Fashion Conscious

Having a way to carry all your stuff is good; having a snappy-looking way to carry your stuff—while being eco-friendly—is even better. Every tote, duffel and mini-backpack in Solo New York’s Re:cycled line repurposes plastic from three to eight plastic bottles, depending on bag size; all come in an understated heather gray with black camo lining. And Solo has partnered with the National Forest Foundation to plant a tree for each bag sold.

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