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Working the Angles for Better Running



— October 2, 2019

Working the Angles for Better Running

  • Pose: Triangle (Trikonasana)

Why You Should Do It: If you run on even a semi-competitive basis, you know that peak performance occurs when your lower body works in sync. That’s something Triangle can help with: It improves lower-body balance while stretching the hips and strengthening the ankles and knees.

Triangle can also:

» Open up the chest and shoulders.

» Work the side body, which aids in maintaining proper alignment.

» Strengthen the core muscles.

» Help improve digestion.

How to Do It: Start in Mountain Pose. Then:

» Step your feet wide and turn the right foot to form a 90° angle with the left foot, which should turn slightly inward. The right heel should intersect with the left arch.

» Extend your arms parallel to the floor. Inhale, then exhale while reaching your right arm down towards the floor and shifting your hips to the left.

» Place your right hand on either the floor (or a block) by the right ankle or on your shin. Extend your left arm up, fingers spread.

» Inhale as you turn your head to gaze up at your fingertips. Hold for up to five breaths, then come up and repeat on the other side.

Note: Keep your shoulders aligned—don’t allow the top one to slump forward.

Be Careful If: You have neck problems; look forward instead of upward.

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