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Yogi’s Product Guide



— February 10, 2020

Yogi’s Product Guide

By Lisa James
  • These items are designed to help you get the most out of your practice.

PARASETTER Meditation Aid

That stressed-out feeling after work is caused by excessive amounts of the hormone cortisol. The PARASETTER meditation aid supports cortisol reduction; lying on this foam roller system is designed to optimize breathing patterns and improve flexibility in the spine and deep connective tissue.

Made for Freedom Mat Bag

Protect your mat while helping others with the Made for Freedom mat bag. The company employs people rescued from human trafficking; this 100% cotton bag, which features two Velcro pockets and a strap, is made by women at Dream Weaver in Thailand. Made for Freedom also donates 20% of sales toward ongoing education and other support programs.

Gaia Streaming Media

Access to a ton of yoga content tailored to one’s own needs is the digital yogi/yogini’s dream. Gaia provides a streaming channel that features customizable practices of different levels, types, and lengths—a Surya Morning Flow for one, a practice to loosen tight shoulders for another—along with, as the company puts it, “content to support and deepen a yogic lifestyle,” such as videos on guided meditation. Other channels are also available, offering content on topics such as alternative

Flexi Lexi Yoga Pants

Want to brighten up your corner of the studio? These quick-dry, lightweight yoga pants from Flexi Lexi, in a variety of fun prints, include a gusset so you can assume the most challenging poses with ease.

Yoga for Cyclists

While getting into Warrior I on a BMX might be kind of tricky, yoga and bikes can be a good mix. That’s the idea behind the Yoga for Cyclists app from The Sufferfest Training Centre, which produces videos for bikers and runners, and their partner Yoga 15. Each of the 20 performance-oriented videos gives you a practice of 15 minutes or less in one of the following categories: Recovery, Core Strength, Flexibility, Posture/Balance/Agility, Breathing & Guided Meditation and Yoga while Traveling. The sessions are tailored for beginner, intermediate and advanced practitioners., @TheSufferfest

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