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Your Body As Art



— February 6, 2020

Your Body As Art

By Cindi Braverman
  • Crystal jewelry and more: What will be blowing up on your feeds this year.

While no one is questioning that the clothing you wear is a crucial part of your personal style, we all know it’s those cool little extra touches that really pull your look together. Here are seven fashion-forward accessory items you’ll be seeing more of  in the coming months—so take notes!

1. Dainty inspirational script tattoos promoting love and inclusion are popular, often on the insides of arms and wrists. Just be sure to go with a message that’s deeply meaninful to you.

2. Many men are now rocking bracelets, especially metal ones and those with beads. Stick with one or two for office wear and stack them when you’re off duty.

3. Brightly colored hair dyes, often in two tones, allow you to tell the world that you are here. Balayage, or freely painting highlights onto the hair, is another hot look.

4. Temporary tats, particularly those with an old-school hippie feel, allow you to test-run a design before getting permanent ink or to create a unique party accessory.

5. Crystals of all hues, either polished or left in the rough, are showing up in necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Many are said to offer healthy vibrational properties—far out!

6. Navel piercings have come a long way from the plain, unadorned stud; popular styles and themes include animals, anime and simple lines of stones. Midriff shirts let you show them off.

7. Speaking of crystals and stones: Adorning one fingernail, particularly the ring finger, with stone-like sparkles is definitely a thing, as is painting that nail a different color from the others.

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